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Graduate School

The in-depth research-oriented training after the master's degree is a central activity area of SECAI. Due to the special, interdisciplinary orientation of the school, there are not only doctoral students but also so-called clinician scientists, who have already completed a doctoral thesis and whose goal in SECAI is a (first) major publication.

In addition to the PhD students and Clinical Scientists directly funded by SECAI, other AI researchers of comparable career stages will be integrated into the School. These associate members will be closely integrated scientifically and organizationally and will have access to all SECAI funding programs. In addition, SECAI networks with other thematically relevant graduate programs and implements joint activities

Doctoral Students and Clinical Scientists

Simon Hosemann
Simon Hosemann
Supervisor: Carsten Lutz
Topic: Intuitive Modelling support for Knowledge-Based Systems
Doctoral Student since 12/01/2022
Gregory Veldhuizen
Gregory Veldhuizen
Supervisor: Jakob Kather
Clinical Scientist since 10/01/2022