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April 26, 2024

Mathematics in Conversation: Fellow Markus Krötzsch Talks About the Limits of AI

Mathematics in Conversation is a series of dialogues organised by Erlebnislands Mathematik. Three to four times a year, Prof Andreas Thom (TU Dresden) welcomes mathematicians who present their current research topics and their areas of application vividly and entertainingly. The audience experiences science at first-hand and also learns interesting facts about the guests' motivations, ideas and career paths during the dialogue.

New AI systems are about to fundamentally change our lives in many areas. The hopes and concerns are enormous and we wonder whether machine-learning systems will soon take over all the functions of today's computers and many people. Mathematics and computer science have a say in this, as they provide a clear understanding of the possibilities and limits of computational systems.

Prof Dr Markus Krötzsch holds the Chair of Knowledge-Based Systems at the Faculty of Computer Science at TU Dresden and is Director of SECAI. His research focusses on symbolic AI, logical reasoning and the relationship between expressiveness and complexity. In an interview with Prof Dr Andreas Thom, he explains the extent to which current AI algorithms can be put in their place and how AI in general can overcome many of these barriers.

[cited from Mathematics in Conversation release; Die Grenzen der KI: Was ChatGPT & Co. nie lernen werden]