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Alexander T. Pearson, MD, PhD und Labor

December 21, 2023

Exploring Medicine and AI: Gregory Veldhuizen Visits Pearson Lab at the University of Chicago, USA

Clinician scientist Gregory Veldhuizen, MD PhD, engaged in cutting-edge medical research in a recent two-month research exchange at Pearson Lab, University of Chicago. This exchange was part of a long-standing collaboration between Kather Lab of SECAI, and the University of Chicago Medicine. Pearson Lab's focus on head and neck cancer treatment through mathematical modelling, high dimensional statistics, and basic tumour biology methods and aligns well with Kather Lab's expertise in Clinical Artificial Intelligence, creating a collaborative opportunity for innovative research.

During his stay at Pearson Lab, Veldhuizen explored AI applications, focusing on predictive modelling for head and neck cancers using socio-economic data and employing quantum computing to enhance multimodal deep learning (DL) methodologies for clinical data analysis or in other words, the simultaneous analysis of diverse medical data types, to improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment outcomes. SECAI's support facilitated seamless integration, fostering an environment conducive to innovative exploration.

In the academic landscape of the United States, he gained valuable experiences by interacting with various leaders in the field of DL-based medical image analysis, engaging in collaborative research initiatives, and leveraging abundant resources. “My academic horizons expanded as I encountered fresh perspectives on addressing medical challenges with technological solutions. I aim to bring these insights back to Germany, enhancing the quality of my research”, reflects Veldhuizen.

Dr Gregory Veldhuizen working at his lab at EKFZ © DAAD/Nathan Dreessen

Gregory Veldhuizen, MD PhD, working at his lab at EKFZ

Credit goes to the Else Kröner Fresenius Zentrum für Digitale Gesundheit (EKFZ) for streamlining administrative tasks and facilitating an extended stay. In SECAI, the University Hospital actively engages through the EKFZ, which specializes in AI-relevant research areas such as robotics, coworking, sensors, medical devices, and connected care. This support allowed deeper immersion into the research environment, ultimately enhancing the overall experience. “Reflecting on my journey, I emphasize the transformative impact of cross-border collaboration in advancing medical research“, says Veldhuizen. The exchange enriches professional acumen and con-tributes to the collective knowledge pool in the dynamic field of AI-driven healthcare solutions.

Gregory Veldhuizen's research exchange at Pearson Lab, University Chicago, underscores the impact of collaboration between medicine and AI. Rooted in an existing partnership, this journey serves as a guide for clinician scientists and researchers navigating the evolving landscape of medical research at the intersection of silicon and scalpel .