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TU Dresden
A joint project with Uni Leipzig DE EN

Navigating ASP Solution Spaces

A talk by Sarah Gaggl:
July 6, 2023
11 a.m. – noon
TU Dresden, APB/3027 | BigBlueButton
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A wide range of combinatorial search problems can be modelled and solved with Answer Set Programming (ASP). While modern ASP solvers allow to quickly enumerate solutions, the user faces the problem of dealing with a possibly exponential number of solutions, which may easily go into millions and beyond. To still be able to reach an understanding of the answer set space, we propose navigation approaches to reach subspaces that fulfil desirable criteria. We start with an iterative approach to compute a diverse collection of answer sets that allows to exchange some answer sets to improve the size and diversity of the whole collection. Then, we will discuss the concept of weighted faceted answer set navigation, which allows for a quantitative understanding of the answer set space. Weights can be assigned to atoms depending on how much they restrict the remaining solution space, either by counting the number of answer sets (resp. supported models) or counting the number of atoms still available to choose. Finally, we will present a visual approach to explore solution spaces and apply it to the domain of abstract argumentation.