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TU Dresden
A joint project with Uni Leipzig DE EN

Mechanistic modeling with variational autoencoders for bimodal single-cell RNA sequencing data

A talk by Lior Pachter, CALTECH:
April 25, 2023
2 p.m.
ScaDS.AI, Leipzig University, Humboldtstrasse 25, 3. floor


I will motivate and present a machine learning approach for mechanistic modeling of transcriptional dynamics. Current variational autoencoder frameworks ignore causal relationships between measurements from bimodal experiments, and I will show how they can be adapted to explicitly model biophysical processes. The analytical approach I will outline provides a generalizable strategy for treating multimodal datasets generated by high-throughput, single-cell genomic assays.

This is joint work with Maria Carilli, Gennady Gorin, Yongin Choi and Tara Chari